Lab Management

Optical lab management is a crucial aspect of the eyewear industry, ensuring the efficient and accurate production of prescription lenses and eyeglass frames. A well-run optical lab is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail, streamlined processes, and adherence to quality standards. Lab managers oversee the entire production cycle, from receiving customer prescriptions and selecting appropriate lens materials to the precision grinding and coating of lenses. They also maintain a well-organized inventory of lens blanks and frame components while managing a skilled team of technicians. Effective optical lab management is essential not only for delivering precise vision correction to customers but also for maintaining the reputation and profitability of optical businesses.
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Digital processing uses physical tools and a pre-programmed digital file to surface a job. This technique of processing eliminates the limitations that traditional processing has in terms of the number of designs that can be created and complex of curves.

Digital processing (also known as “freeform” processing) gives you the ability to customize each lens individually to each wearer providing improved vision. Digital surfacing technology allows labs to produce higher quality lenses. Also allows for more fitting measurements including pupil height, pupil distance, vertex distance, panto-scopic tilt, frame wrap, eye movement, and more. RX can also be measured to a sixteenth of a diopter. Digital processing allows us to compensate the prescription throughout the entire lens surface and not just the center of the lens which gives the patient a wider viewing area at all distances. Digital lenses also have greater versatility when it comes to frame fitting, allowing more variety in lens shapes in regards to prescription.

Quality Assurance

Optical lab quality assurance is a critical component of the eyewear industry, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of precision and excellence in the production of prescription lenses and eyeglasses. It encompasses a range of meticulous procedures designed to ensure that each lens is ground, coated, and assembled with the utmost accuracy and consistency. Quality assurance in optical labs involves rigorous inspection and testing protocols that verify prescription accuracy, lens durability, and visual clarity. This commitment to quality not only guarantees that customers receive eyewear that meets their vision needs but also fosters trust and confidence in the optical business. By upholding rigorous quality standards and continually refining production processes, optical labs can provide eyeglasses that enhance the lives of their customers while maintaining a sterling reputation in the eyewear industry.

Order Entry

Custom Eye Lab’s custom built online ordering platform, by someone who has worked in the optical field, is designed to make the ordering process as quick and painless as possible, while having features to help prevent any delays in productions, such as catching order entry errors.

Order Tracking

Custom Eye Lab’s order tracking is a branch from our order entry platform, that includes all the same features, while giving you up to date information on any of your orders. Tracking is updated in real time and the tracking page can be kept open 24/7 with its included auto-refresh feature.

Account Portal

Custom Eye Lab’s ECP Accounting platform will include access to all of your current and past invoices with access link to pay directly online, using a debit or credit card, or with an option to mail in a check. Here you can keep track of what invoices you have open, have paid, or are coming.

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